Another Update!

Hello lovely people! Now I didn’t think I would need to write another one of these again for a while but turns out I am. So, let’s just get into it so I can explain why I have been absent again.


For those who had read Update From Me will know that I have had a tough time mentally which has affected my work, uni and personal life. now at the time of that post, I was in a better headspace and thought I could dedicate some time each week to ensure I was publishing regular content each week but turns out that plan was more optimistic than I initially thought. I managed to get a post out but it was a poem that I had written a few years ago, so not a lot time was needed to publish it.

This blog has been on the back burner now since being back at uni which is something I didn’t want to happen but with this being my final year at uni, most of my time has been taken up with that. This along with mental health wobbles, work and a stressful home life has meant any time I have left is spent sleeping! This also means that I wasn’t able to spend any time to sit and just read which meant I wasn’t able to do Sherlock Holmes Month like I had planned. This was a big disappointment for me as I was really looking forward to spending November reading nothing but the Sherlock Holmes stories. So, this means I have decided to do Sherlock Holmes Month during January as a way of celebrating a new year and a new decade by reading a collecting of stories about a detective that I fell in love with through the BBC adaptation (plus Sherlock’s birthday is in January so will be celebrating his birthday as well).

This means I have the rest of December to read any books that I want to and catch up on writing content for my blog. I have almost finished uni for this semester and only have one essay left to write, which I am currently in the process of writing, so that means I will have more time to focus on my reading, my blog and everything else that I have been neglecting. I don’t want to let something like this happen again because this blog means a lot to me and has helped me get back into reading after not being able to read for two years due to my mental health. So, in 2020 I’m going to make sure that I look after this blog and make sure I don’t neglect it like I have done.

I just want to apologise to you guys for my lack of presence recently and thank you to those who are still here and waiting for me to come back, I really appreciate you all! I am hoping to get back on track within the next couple weeks so, expect to hear more from me soon! Until the next time…



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